About Us


R.C. Turk Company is a professional manufacturer's representative company involved in the Bearing, Power Transmission, and Conveyor industry. Since our founding in 1974, we have committed to provide the best products available to our customers in the most professional manner possible. We serve our Manufacturers and Customer with integrity, honesty, loyalty, and hard work.

What We Offer

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    customer base

    Our customer base consists of Bearing and Power Transmission Distributors, Engineering Companies, and large OEM's.

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    We have five outside sales reps located throughout the territory, covering the southern United States, including the states of: GEORGIA, ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI, TENNESSEE, FLORIDA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, as well as southern KENTUCKY, and southern VIRGINIA.

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    Our main office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, where we have a 17,000+ square foot warehouse and office. Our Inside Sales group has many years of experience in the industry. Our Warehouse Staff is second to no one in their accuracy and on-time shipping record.

Our Warehouse

After Hours Service Available
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How We Serve You

Our primary goal is to partner with both the distributors and manufacturers to solve the needs of the customer.


We can help you enter new markets quickly and effectively because we've already penetrated the territory - with extensive product knowledge, we can find the solutions you need.


At R.C. Turk Company, we are experts in the fields of Bearing, Power Transmission, and Conveyor systems. Spend less time training and researching - just ask the experts!


With our broad line of manufacturers, we can handle all of your product needs. Contact us for all your motion control needs.

Tom Turk